"The care that you gave our son S* and the things he learned with you are my best memories of the short time we spent in San Francisco.

The trips you make with the children, the things you learn them at such a young age (S* can still count to ten in English, something he hasn’t learned in Dutch yet) and all that wonderful food you make, are a blessing. We still talk about how lucky we were that S* was able to spend time with you. Although we are happy with the daycare he receives in Belgium, it does not even come near the quality you provided.
As parents, we try to set high standards: we want S* to be healthy, happy and polite, to learn how to play together and to share, to experience differences in culture and personalities and that is exactly what you provided him with.  We never felt more assured that our son was in good hands as when he was with you. We still look at all those lovely pictures we received and it still brings back smiles to our faces to see how happy he was with you."

-A. De Keulenaer, Email correspondence 2014 

"​This post is a recommendation of a daycare that I highly recommend.

I tried the nanny thing for months, and for multiple reasons decided I wanted to try daycare instead. When I decided to go back to work we were looking around in our neighborhood but knew the options were slim (not much option in Soma compared to other neighborhoods). But then I stumbled upon a small family daycare and I have to say that I love it and could not be happier with he arrangement.

As a first time parent of course I was anxious to return to work, but once I found Soma Daycare I not only decided to go back to work sooner that I intended, I also chose to go back FT though I was only planning on going back part time. It's because of how Ngoc runs her business that provided me the confidence to know my son would be well taken cared of in my absence."

-L.Kozel, Gold Gate Mother's Group 2012 

"We have two older children, so this is our third daycare experience as parents.  This is by far the best daycare we have ever been to and I do not think that calling it a "daycare" is appropriate.  It's a second family.  My child goes to Ngoc each day excited - as if he were visiting a relative.  He is eager for his first hug each day and for the SOMA routine.  It's a very loving environment...having seen other daycares, I feel very confident that he is absorbing so much because of the consistent and patient approach..."

-S.Bruno, Yelp 2015

"My kid is a walking, talking, singing, dancing, laughing, potty-pooping advertisement for how good a job SOMA Daycare has done.  I highly recommend them and am hoping and praying we can reserve a spot for when we have another kid.  

For me, it was really important that Soma Daycare helped my daughter learn as much as possible and this is where Soma Daycare really excels.  They have such a great mix of experiences and lessons -- they go to museums, they go to musical events, they have craft days, they have sit down lessons, they have the kids bake (am writing this while i eat a muffin made by the kiddo), and they have the kids teach other words, songs and stories.  The results are amazing..."

-D.Ang, Yelp 2014

"Compared to the pre-schools we've visited that Soma Daycare might as well be called Soma pre-school as they teach your child a ton of important lessons and life skills.  First the obvious things like numbers, letters, colors etc. but also important social skills like waiting your turn, sharing, helping other kids.  They have very good ways to teach each life skill, educational subject and social skill and activities are very often structured around these things."

-C. B., Yelp 2015

*for privacy purposes, we have omitted use of child's name.

"We are very happy to ... prepare for next steps, but terribly sad to leave SOMA's loving, enriching, safe, and stimulating environment behind.  You have created a very special place with your tireless efforts.  I just want you to know it shows and we cannot express our appreciation deeply enough...impact on her is tangible and all three of us own you a great debt!"

- B. Herrera, Thank you card 2015